Leading a fulfilled, connected, and balanced life is often challenging. Managing unexpected hardships, personal and family transitions, the growing demands of everyday life, and multiple relationships in multiple settings can leave us feeling stuck or off-kilter. Therapy can offer a space to identify current roadblocks and develop new solutions and habits that foster an improved sense of well-being, meaningful relationships, and greater academic/professional success.

I work collaboratively with individuals, teens, couples, and families using traditional "talk", family, and art therapy techniques to identify and create movement toward your desired goals. As a therapist, I aim to provide a variety tools that build on your current strengths, offer accurate and up-to-date information, encourage meaningful conversations and helpful patterns, and contribute an environment of curiosity and confidentiality.


Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy can help identify and treat issues like anxiety, depression, & Post Traumatic Stress. However, it is also effective in addressing everyday concerns, such as difficulties in relationships, managing stress, navigating grief/loss and other issues that may interfere with one's overall well-being.

Finding hope, gaining greater understanding (personally & in relationships), developing effective solutions, and restoring balance is possible through the therapy process.

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Couple & Family Therapy

Ongoing conflict, miscommunication, and misunderstanding in our important family and romantic relationships can often lead to hurt feelings, grudges, and distance amongst members. While there are differences between couple and family therapy approaches, improving communication, clarifying underlying hurts and unspoken expectations, and developing new effective ways of relating often lead to improved satisfaction and ongoing adaptability.

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Art Therapy

Many of us have had experiences or feelings that were difficult to describe or communicate with words. The use of Art Therapy in combination with traditional individual, couple, and family approaches can expedite the therapy process; thus, quickly bringing new perceptions, expanded self-expression, and  useful conversations. Doing something different helps break up old unhelpful patterns that burden individuals, intimate partners, and families.

No art experience necessary!

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Parenting a struggling preteen or teen?

Adolescence is full of confusing physical and emotional changes, important relationships, and growing responsibilities and expectations. Many parents wonder how best help their preteen or teen cope and navigate these demands.

It is normal for most teens to pull away from their families and desire some freedom in overcoming these growing challenges. However, if your teen has become increasingly irritable, defiant, withdrawn, depressed, disinterested in school and social activities, overwhelmed or anxious, is self-harming, or talking of suicide it is time to take action. Learn More and see how therapy can help.