A type of expressive therapy, Art Therapy uses the creative process of art making with traditional therapy techniques to encourage self expression, creativity, and movement towards greater physical, emotional, mental, and relational insight and well-being.

Art Therapy is very effective for all age groups, couples, and families. Images created in session offer a concrete depiction of issues, a platform for conversation, and a visual record of progress through therapy. I interweave art therapy activities into the therapy dialogue to emphasize, deepen, and strengthen meanings, communications, and insights important to each person's individual needs, comfort level, and overall goals. I have found that asking my clients to do something different, often shakes up old, outgrown patterns, allowing more helpful ones to be developed and experienced.

As a trained Art Therapist I am better able to develop activities that will be produce change while also offering gentile leadership and guidance on different types of art materials and how to use them. I am currently completing my remaining supervision requirements necessary for the Registered Art Therapist (ATR) credential. My participation in consultation and supervision allows me to provide the most informed and thoughtful care possible and maintains all client confidentiality.

Art Therapy is:

  • A different way to express one's self
  • Using art making to create new and different communications & experiences with others
  • Art making with intention and purpose, which is naturally healing and expressive
  • For any child, adult, couple, or family who wants change and is willing to try new things
  • Especially for those who say "I am not creative" and "I can't draw"
  • A way to re-connect with one's natural creativity, motivation, and desire
  • Helpful when words and conversations are falling short
  • A process that allows people to practice relating to others while in the therapy room, not just at home
  • A process that is unique to the therapist, client, and their goals
  • Not for everyone, and that's okay!